Sandwich Type Busduct – Brand: General Electric (GE)


In electrical power distribution, busduct is strips or bars of copper or aluminium that conducts electricity from power sources to a switchboard, distribution board, substation, battery bank or other electrical apparatus.


GE Spectra Series Sandwich Type Busduct is a World Champion busway features :

– Blue Coat TM coating is a fluidized bed oven cured epoxy process.

– Non-flammable self extinguishing insulation

– Five (5) times greater impact strength than PVC insulation.

– Exceptional heat dissipating qualities.  During thermal cycling tests, epoxy coated bars were subjected to repeated cycling from (-)200C to (+)1750C in a two minute period.  The Dielectric strength of the bars were 11kV after 40 cycles as described above and a 480inch-pound impact test.

– UL 1300C RTI Class B rating insulation

– Resistance to water absorption is many times higher than Mylar or PVC insulation

– Life expectancy of GE’s Blue coat epoxy is 50 years


GE Spectra Busduct Portfolio :

– Rate Range : 225-5000A (Copper), 225-4000A (Aluminum)

– Type-Tested to IEC60947-2 and UL 857

– Sandwich Design

– Lightweight aluminum housing

– Joint Guard Protection

– Suitable for use in heavy industrial and commercial areas


Spectra Joint-Guard Protection System :

– Proven Technology in Nuclear and Aerospace

– Indicator Measures Bolt Elongation, better than a Torque Wrench

– Direct Measurement — Not Indirect!!

– Less Variance (Torque Wrench = +/-30% variance)

– Dynamically Indicates Repeated Loosening/Tightening